Monday Apr 12

Tournament Success

Dreamweaver Tournament Success along the Tournament Trail.


Feel the excitement of Great Lakes tournament fishing!

While fishing the tournament trail we have the opportunity to fish in several ports at their peak time. From the Dreamweaver Hoosier Coho Club Classic in early May out of Michigan City, IN to the Salmon Splash out of Manistee, MI in late July and several stops in between.  Traveling the trail also gives us the ability to accommodate our customers who may not be able to travel to Ludington.  Captain Shane and the Dreamweaver crew have won or placed high in several tournaments along the Lake Michigan coast. The list of victories include 3 Manistee “Big Boys” titles, one of only two boats to win that prestigious tournament more than two times. The list also includes victories and top finishes in Ludington, South Haven, St. Joseph, Manistee, and Michigan City. Tournaments are a great way to take your fishing experience to the next level.


Top Tournament Finishes

1st Place Finishes


2008-Manistee Budweiser Pro Am

2008-St. Joe 333

2007-Manistee Budweiser Pro Am

2004- Manistee “Big Boys”

2004-Manistee Ladies

2003-Manistee “Big Boys”

2003-Ludington Offshore Classic



Top Five


2008- St. Joe Summer Challenge

2007-Ludington Offshore Classic

2006-South Haven Big Jon Pro Am

2006-Michigan City Pro Am

2005- Manistee “Big Boys”

2006-Manistee Ladies Classic

2005 -Manistee Budweiser Pro Am

2005-Tri-Port Challenge 


Top Ten


2008-Ludington Offshore Classic

2008-Manistee Salmon Splash

2008-Michigan City Dreamweaver Classic

2008- GL2S Championship Point Series  

2005-St. Joe Summer Challenge

2005-Ludington Offshore Classic

2005-Dreamweaver Hoosier Coho Club Classic